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Partquip – Established 1983 – High Quality Non Original replacement Parts

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Hydraulics - Cylinders/ Brake Hose/ Repair Kits/ Piston Kits

Partquip offers a massive range of Hydraulic Repair Kits sourced mainly from Europe. Further to this, we also offer approximately 300 Piston Kits and this range is continually growing.  Our Complete Cylinder range is also very comprehensive. The quality of all our hydraulic stock is of an excellent standard.

Our range of Hydraulic Brake and Clutch components consists of:

  • Hydraulic Seal Repair Kits and loose Rubber Seals and Cups
  • Hydraulic Piston Replacement Kits
  • Complete Cylinder Assemblies
  • Hydraulic Brake Hose

All rubber used in Partquip hydraulic applications complies with current South African legislation.

Partquip recently upgraded to an easy-to-use Hydraulic Repair Kit part numbering system that indicates the size of the seal in the kit. This allows you as a customer to identify your customers' needs more easily.





Hydraulic piston kits
Hydraulic piston kits
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