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Partquip – Established 1983 – High Quality Non Original replacement Parts

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Fuel Line and Heater Hose

We stock high quality Fuel Line Hose and Heater Hose.

Our Fuel Line Hose is inner braid smooth outer type and comes in the following diameters: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. We can supply pre-cut 1 meter packets or 30 meter rolls.

Our Electronic Fuel Injection Hose is supplied in 7mm inner diameter and can be ordered in pre-cut 1 meter packets or 30 meter rolls.

Our Heater Hose comes in 12.5mm, 16mm and 19mm diameters. All heater hose is only supplied in 20 meter rolls.

We also stock Vacuum Hose in 3.2mm and 4mm diameters. All Vacuum Hose is supplied in 15 meter rolls.

All our Hose is manufactured to SAE J30 R6 specifications with a minimum burst pressure of 30 bar.

We also offer Hose stands for neat storage of your Partquip Hose, both for the 30m rolls as well as the 1 meter packs.



Fuel line and heater hose
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