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Partquip – Established 1983 – High Quality Non Original replacement Parts

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Frequently Asked Question

This page is here to help you find the answers to often aked questions.

How do I open an account with Partquip?

Complete the “Contact Us” page and be sure to select “Account Application” as your type of query. A sales representative will contact you thereafter. Please note that Partquip only supply spares shops and not workshops or private individuals. We are strictly wholesalers.

I am a private individual and need parts for my vehicle, how can I place an order?

Please email us with an indication of what area you reside in so that we can refer you to our closest distributor who will be able to help you with any query you may have. As a private individual, we may help you with part numbers but cannot give you any pricing.

Can I buy a catalogue?

Catalogues can only be supplied to Partquip product distributors.

I am looking for a polyurethane bush kit for my VW Golf / BMW etc, can you help me?

Please note that we only keep polyurethane shackle bush / leaf spring applications on light commerical vehicles i.e bakkies.

I have a complaint or compliment about a Partquip product or employee, how do I contact Partquip?

As our aim here at Partquip is exceptional customer service, a designated telephone line has been allocated that will allow you to speak directly to management. Customer Care Line Contact Number: 011-634-7690

How long are Partquip products guaranteed for?

All Partquip products offer a standard warranty of 12 months except for Suspension parts which carry a 12 month warranty.

One of the Partquip products I sourced from my local spares shop has failed, can I claim directly from Partquip?

Please note that the item needs to returned to the shop from which you purchased the product. The spares shop will then forward the item onto us and we can assess the claim. Please note that if a part has been modified in any way, it no longer carries a warranty.
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